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Nine Years War - An Overview In the beginning of the century [the original text refers to the sixteenth rather than the seventeenth century] the Pale, or that Part of Ireland in which the writ of the king England ran,
The Great O'Neill - Hugh, Earl of Tyrone Hugh O'Neill is definitely a man of many facets. Even those of a Royalist or English leaning recognised
The Battle of Yellow Ford: An Irish Victory In 1597, the course of the nine years war swung sharply in the favour of the Irish rebels,
The Battle of Kinsale - Defeat & Failure Kinsale; the name of a pretty town and the scene of what is often seen as Gaelic Ireland's greatest defeat one that set in chain the Flight of The Earls and the plantation of Ulster.

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The Mariners' Projectarticle thumbnail

Author Julie Parsons is on a quest to re-discover the history of the Mariners' Church in Dun Laoghaire. Julie has started the Mariners Project to discover what happened to the parishioners who lived in the streets and sq [ ... ]

The Plantation Of Ulsterarticle thumbnail

If the Flight of the Earls marked the end of Gaelic power in Ulster, the actual plantation by English and Scottish settler: Though the two earls of Tyrone and Tirconnell had committed no treasonable or unlawful act, yet [ ... ]

The Flight of the Earls: 1607

Although not strictly part of the Nine Years Wars, the Flight of the Earls forms a neat end point for the conflict and sets up a new period in Irish History. The Earls had been fairy treated in many ways by the new King, [ ... ]


Book Reviews - Nine Years War


The Flight of the Earls A Popular History

 The Flight of the Earls A Popular History

  The Flight of the Earls: A Popular History Liam Swords The Columba Press 9781856075824 €11.49 When some ninety-nine persons,...


Images Of Ireland: Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown

Images Of Ireland: Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown

  Images Of Ireland: Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Pat Walsh The History Press 9781845885007 €15.30 A new and updated version of this rich visual record of one of Dublin's most famous suburbs. Pat...


Elizabeth's Irish Wars

Elizabeth's Irish Wars

  Elizabeth's Irish Wars Cyril Falls Constable & Robison 978-0-09477-220-5 £12.99 Though slightly old fashioned, this book has stood the...


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